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Software Available:

Design Identity... Print Production...
Web Integration

As a full service graphic design and printing company, I am able to meet
all your graphic, digital, print and web-based needs.

Project Management - Concept, design and print and/or web
Branding/Logo Identity - New logo or consistency in your
   established identity
Design - Type, layout and styling of business cards, postcards,
   brochures, forms, ads, booklets, packaging and more
Printing - Black and white, digital color copy, 4-color process,
   paper color and type, many different options to choose from to
   produce your final marketing project.
Web - All items designed can be added to website, email blasts, etc.

This versatile selection of design services, in this competitive market, provides a business savings value by communicating with only one company for consistency in your visual identity and branding. I will take
you through the design phase with typestyles and layout, as well as
guiding you through the print or copy process, and finally
integrating your project onto the web. This completes the full-circle marketing process needed in todays savvy economy.

Great Final Results . . .

Getting to know my clients needs and asking the right questions,
produces the graphic results expected by the client for a professional
and effective design project at a fair price.